Market Research


It's Good To Test Waters And Research Beforehand To Know If A Product/Service Can Interest Your Customer's or Not

Advertising Research

Determining an Ad’s effectiveness based on users feedback, responses and behavior can be done efficiently with the help of Advertising Research. Even if you do not happen to be associated with a multi-million dollar company, testing your ad is always advised to make sure if your ad has the potential to increase your sales.


Brand Awareness Research

Getting to know if regular consumers can come up with your brand’s name helps you know your brand’s reputation in the current market. Surveys are one way of getting the required information to determine your brand’s reputation. However, the crowd isn’t always up for surveys, with our unique and interactive survey templates you can attract quite a lot of customers to give you the required information.


Brand Association Research

Knowing the positive points that attract costumers to your brand can be helpful in landing greater sales. Though, Brands should be associated with something positive so that the customer can relate the brand as a good brand. Our services conduct unique research methods to obtain those ideas.


Commercial Eye Tracking Research

Commercial Eye Tracking is a unique method to objectively measure consumers and effective feedback from the customer. The results then help marketers to plan their strategy effectively. Our services offer you with reliable data of consumers reaction on specific product/services.


Concept Testing

Investing consumers’ reaction to a specific product/service before releasing the finished product /service. to market helps avoid any chances of unsuccessful sales. We help you reshape and refine ideas so they have a greater potential market by providing insight for designing more effective product/service, concept tests to help you increase product shift and improvements.


Customer Satisfaction Research

Customer Satisfaction research if done right can win you loyal customers for life. After all, satisfaction usually leads to customer returning and buying more. We conduct accurate research to find out the most satisfied group of crowds towards your brands and let you know exactly what you could be learning from them.


Internet Strategic Intelligence

Implementing research into action can be a challenging task but, with us it gets a whole lot easier. We pair the industry’s best customer service with up to the mark research methods to meet the expectations of our clients.


Positioning Research

Positioning Researches are based on a customers’ perception that reflects the characteristics most important to them. We offer accurate perceptions that are often reinforced through advertising, branding and product packing which then lets you determine the difference between you and your competitor.


Demand Estimation

It can be really difficult to plan your future sales strategy if you don’t happen to have any idea how your brand is currently performing in the market.


Price Elasticity Testing

When contemplating a price change, understanding how elastic or inelastic your products are is really important. We conduct effective price elasticity testing to help you know how flexible your product/services can get.


Sales Forecasting

Being an integral part of business management, Sales forecasting is very important to determine how your future sales are going to be. Without proper forecasting, you can’t manage your inventory on your cash flow or plan of growth. We on the other hand offer Sales forecasting to provide accurate information to help you make better business decisions.


Viral Marketing Research

Viral Marketing is on the most successful campaigns that have been in use way before the internet was even a thing. With the right data of the list of viral products, you can target the right potential crowd of the market.

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