How YOGA is Effective

Yoga Day

Stress is an intruder that has infiltrated our lives covertly. High level of stress can easily take a toll on your health and productivity. It has become a parameter which determines your success and failure in your life. It is true that we can’t control everything about our lifestyle; however, it doesn’t mean we are ineffective to do it. There are various techniques with which you can level the stress down and YOGA is the most ancient and authentic technique to do it.

Indus valley civilization has stone-carved figures of yoga postures which implicates that YOGA had been originated in India circa 3000 B.C. Furthermore, YOGA is not an exercise of ancient times only; but, it is also a prevailing activity which suits current needs. Why are we saying so? There are numerous benefits which make YOGA so demanding among office workers in the current scenario.

Combat stress and anxiety

Most prominent function, performed by YOGA, is reducing stress and anxiety. It has been founded by a researcher that 6 weeks of constant yoga practice increases overall activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. Moreover, it diminishes the influence of the sympathetic nervous system.

Boost Concentration

YOGA starts showing improvements from the very first day. Single YOGA class effectively improves a person’s productivity and accuracy. With meditation, a person can enhance self-awareness and it makes that person able to focus efficiently. In meditation, you need to give attention to breathing and it helps in clearing out the mental clutter.

Detoxicate the Body

There are numerous toxins which come in a body through food and they are absorbed into the liver via digestion. Yoga includes stretching, twisting and compression and these activities stimulate circulation and lymph system. Moreover, it regulates your digestion. These poses are very beneficial in compressing your liver and squeezing out toxins. Eventually, these poses force toxins to send them on to the body’s disposal system.

YOGA is not merely a practice; rather it is a necessity to lead a healthy life. It boosts your immune system and helps your body to fight back varying disease. Every day is the new day to start good practices, so don’t wait too long to do YOGA. Today is International YOGA day and there can’t be another best day to start it. No need to read this further, grab your yoga mat and start doing it now.