How to Create a Memorable Brand Video?

Create a Memorable Brand Video

In today's world, the brand narrative isn't only about you. It's all about figuring out who your consumer wants to be - their hopes, concerns, dreams, and difficulties, as well as how they want to be regarded. Since 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, it becomes crucial to learn how to create a memorable brand video.

It starts to establish trust and an emotional connection if they believe you share their values, objectives, or struggles. We are programmed to recognise thoughts that confirm our existing beliefs and reject those that contradict them.

In this blog, we will learn about inspiring brand videos, their importance, significant trends and how to create a memorable brand video.

What Is a Brand Video?

A brand video is an audio-visual graphic that is used to raise awareness, enthusiasm, education, or encouragement in people to take action and engage with the brand. Unlike typical advertisements, brand videos focus on humanising a company via emotionally-driven content and storytelling rather than hard-core selling. They can also attract customers by demonstrating a brand's strengths and products in a much more engaging, lesser sales-driven manner.

Before moving to how to create a memorable brand video, let us learn about why inspiring brand videos are important!

Importance of Videos in Branding

The value of videos in marketing and branding efforts cannot be overstated today. The most popular sort of material is videos. More than 80% of consumers say they would rather watch a video than read a text message, and that videos have persuaded them to buy something.

We can say that videos are considerably more remembered than text and static photos in terms of branding. They have the ability to grab and hold people's attention. Additionally, movies can convey information through the use of text, narration, and visual features. Furthermore, videos allow you to incorporate popular music to make your films more popular. So you must know how to create a memorable brand video to avail the benefits.

Trends That Show Why You Need Inspiring Brand Videos

According to Wyzowl research, 68 per cent of consumers think the epidemic has had an impact on the quantity of video content they view online, with nearly everyone (96 per cent) indicating it has grown. Meanwhile, according to the commercial real estate firm CoStar Group, brick and mortar retailers of various kinds closed a record 12,200 outlets in the United States in 2020, increasing online expenditure by 30%, compared to just 13% in 2019, according to Bazaarvoice.

72 per cent of millennials believe it is critical to support businesses that share their beliefs. So while learning how to create a memorable brand video, you need to keep these trends in mind.

Furthermore, the United States currently has 71 million millennials, and by 2025, they will account for 75% of the worldwide workforce. This is significant because their purchasing habits differ significantly from those of their baby boomer and Gen X counterparts: they make the majority of their purchases online, and these purchases are largely influenced by a brand's basic beliefs.

Steps On How To Create A Memorable Brand Video

If you're unsure how to develop an effective awareness film, take these tips for making a brand video to ensure yours stands out.

1 - Define Your Objective

First and foremost, you must establish what you want your brand video to accomplish before getting to how to create a memorable brand video. This can help you figure out what is the objective of your brand video.
Do you want to increase the visibility of yourself, your company, or a product? Make a funny or inspirational shareable video, or prepare a collection of interesting data or information about your industry.

2 - Concentrate on Your Target Audience

Successful and seasoned content creators recognise the importance of knowing their target audience. You shouldn't make a new brand video until you know who you're talking to. Get to know your customers before demanding "Action!" You'll be one step closer to crafting a brand video that will resonate with them if you figure out what their requirements and wants are.

3 - Stand For A Cause

While learning how to create a memorable brand video, keep in mind that consumers are scrutinising who they support, why they support them, and where their money goes, and firms' social responsibility has become significantly more essential. In fact, 70 per cent of customers believe it is critical for companies to make a statement on social and political issues, according to recent research by Sprout Social. They will care about you once they have gained your trust. Brands like Gilette, Dove, Puma etc, have earned a large number of followers by creating content with a strong social message.

4 - Tell Your Story

Want to learn tips for making a brand video and how to create a memorable brand video? You should first know that the power of storytelling in creating captivating material has been acknowledged by the video marketing industry. It's up to you whether your storey is funny or serious. Always keep the impression you're making in mind. If you're a company and your video is funny, make sure you're still perceived as a trustworthy company rather than a joke.

If you own a business, the storey should revolve around the ethos of your company. If you're going to provide facts, do it in a lighthearted manner.

5 - Interact With Your Audience

In “how to create a memorable brand video” it is important to include "Behind the scenes" and "live" videos as they tend to get the same amount of interest as those that are carefully planned and professionally directed. Furthermore, videos that symbolise a "direct" connection between the author and the audience have been a success. Encourage your customers and fans to offer questions, reviews, and comments, which you can then respond to in your films. In your videos, provide replies and explanations. Demonstrate to individuals that you can meet their needs and that you care about them being heard.


We hope you have got the answer to how to create a memorable brand video. Brand video content, as we've seen, is some of the most critical content to include in your overall marketing strategy. However, just making a video is not enough, it is very crucial to optimize your video with a carefully-crafted SEO and video marketing strategy. This will help your video rank on digital platforms and achieve the necessary objectives.