Does Your Domain Name Affect Your Seo: Tips For Higher Ranking

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“No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO.” - By Neil Patel

Search engine optimisation has always been the talk of the town in the online promotion of businesses. It is important to figure out the right tools and techniques that manifest the accurate path for a business website’s ranking optimisation.

While building a website, have you ever thought about, that does your domain name affect your SEO? The right answer to this is that initially domain names were considered very important to rank your website on search engines. However, the domain name has its own importance, but it is not considered the sole reason behind search engine optimisation in digital marketing.

Once the algorithm of search engines changes, there are many factors that directly and indirectly affect the working of SEO. Keywords placements, referring sites, reliable and unique content have a great influence on website rank optimisation currently.

While it is important to choose your website's domain name that reflects the products and services you provide. Also, work on other features that are both SEO friendly and brand-centric.

Tips To Boost Your Search Engine Optimisation

Using a relevant and click-worthy domain name can be a good start for optimising your website in search engine results. However, do not forget to use the right tools and tricks to make your website rank higher on the search engines. Also, remember do not be very obvious while using these tricks, as over optimising can make your website look like spam and people would not like to click on it.

Check some of the best tips to make your website look perfect and highly optimisable.

Low-fidelity Prototypes

It is the simplest type of prototype based on broad concepts of the final product developed. The main objective of a low-fidelity prototype is to test and validate the design from the start to the end of the development. It is quicker to create and represent hand-drawn diagrams and show designs flow from one stage to another.

1. Proper Keywords Placements

If you have the slightest idea of search engine optimisation, there is no doubt that you are unaware that keywords are used for ranking. You can't use these keywords as you please.

Specifically while writing content for websites you need the use these keywords in a correct way. The keyword must appear in your title tag, webpage URL, and in the first 1oo words of your content. Try to use the exact keyword in the whole content, it is not recommended to add or alter the keyword in any way.

2. Work On Long-Tail Keywords

Use a search engine like Google to find the suggested words and use them in your content. Other search engines can also be helpful for searching secondary keywords to make the content more optimisable.

You can use Youtube and Wikipedia for getting the long-tail keywords; strategically use them in your content twice or thrice to obtain a higher ranking.

3. Try To Keep Users Stuck To Your Website Longer

It is very important to attract more audience to your website, and even more crucial that they stick to your content longer. For this, you can use layman langue for better understanding. Try to put bullet points and headings in your content, this makes the content much easier for the other person to read.

The more reliable and relatable your content is, the more audience will get attracted to it. And if they are convinced by your points there is a chance they will move further towards the products and service you offer. This makes us move forward to other tips for sech engine optimisation.

4. Do A Detailed Market Study

The best way to get a higher ranking of your blogs and websites is to share a well-researched market study. Using tables and numbers can bring more traffic to your sites.

Good placement of data and research tables can back your content technically. For example, if you are putting information about the population of a country, try to back it up with bars, infographics and tables that are generated by trustable sources.

5. Update Your Old Posts And Pages

If you have a website, do not leave it unnoticed for long. If your blogs are not updated and reformed from time to time they may sit on the corner collecting dust.

So, try to improve your optimisation by updating the old blogs and posts. There is always something new in the market and the numbers keep changing frequently, this is the reason you must go back to your blog and upgrade it with the latest information. This can help your content hop out in top rankings. Add external links to make the content more publishable. This is an easy way for your website to gain the high ranks it deserves.

6. Create an audience linking content

Though it is vital to write good quality content to make your blogs more optimizable. It is also important to choose a topic and content that is closely related to more audience. Select topics that are more searched and looked at on social media and search engines. Try to make content that is easily relatable and boosts the user's interest.

Interesting content can easily rank your content on the top and would attract more organic traffic by shares and comments. Examples like best places to travel, tips for home gardening etc are closely related topics for social media as people are interested in such things and would like to get advice on these topics. This would help you greatly.

How To Choose The Best Digital Marketing Company For Seo

Creating SEO friendly content does not mean you only have to rely on your domain name. You can use more relevant options for creating more traffic on your websites.

It always gets better if there is an expert to handle your SEO in the right way. It is not always easy to manage the services and work efficiently to boost SEO. You can trust SDAD Technology for progressive optimisation of your business website’s rank. This would help you get good quality content written according to the SEO needs and better backlinking for a higher rank on search engines. This would create better sales and promotion for your website and company.