Digital Marketing Trends Stealing The Spotlight In 2023


Spreading like wildfire, some trends are in for the long run, while some doom as fast as they hype. The field of digital marketing is not left untouched by this phenomenon. Some trends, like customised and authentic content for the brands, are in for the long run, while other trends, like moment marketing, have seen some dark days.

The dynamic field of digital marketing witnesses the rise and fall of multiple different trends and strategies with each coming day. Let us shed some light on some of the latest trends that are flooding the field.

The Rise Of Voice Search Optimisation

A report on Voice search by the Global Web Index shows that 27% out of the total global population uses voice search on their mobile phones, and this percentage is on the rise. More and more people are gravitating towards voice searching instead of traditional search methods. Another related study by PwC reveals that 71% of people prefer to use voice instead of typing. According to the Search Engine Journal, 58% of customers use voice searches to find information about a local business.

These figures are sufficient to mark the rise in voice searches, and if you want to make your business more far-reaching in the digital domain, it becomes essential to optimise the business for voice searches. To effectively show up results for the searches conducted by voice assistants, Voice SEO becomes imperative.

This opens up new possibilities to capture organic traffic to the site and improve the overall SEO ranking of the business. The important thing to remember while optimising the site for voice searches is that the focus should be on long-tail and question keywords. So if you want to ace the game and enhance the position of your business, including the aspect of Voice Search Optimisation becomes necessary.

Hone Your Marketing Skills With Influencer Marketing

As a new tactic to drive attention towards the business, people are taking resort to this riding trend of influencer marketing. With a little diversion from the traditional marketing methods, the rise of influencer marketing can be assessed from the data by Statista, which revealed that around 60% of the companies used influencer marketing in one way or the other in the United States. By collaborating with the popular influencers of the niche, businesses can increase their online presence and enhance their customer base.

Implementing the strategies related to influencer marketing not only helps in targeting the correct audience for the product/services, but it also helps in improving the conversion rates. The use of this concept takes the communication between the brand and the customer a step further. The improved brand transparency instils trust and credibility regarding the services and values of the brand.

The Rising Intervention of Chatbots And Virtual Assistance

No sector is left untouched by the vast spreading clutches of the chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard. Businesses are also utilising this growing technology to improve the customer experience and enhance their accessibility. The idea behind using this innovative aspect is to improvise the efficiency in gathering information and devote more time to improving their services and products.

As of October 2022, around 26% of the B2B use chatbots in their marketing domain and have gained around 10-20 % more lead generation volumes (Statista). Companies are also on the path of deploying virtual assistance to their websites to streamline the process of research, accounting and bookkeeping, data management, transcription and personal assistance.

The aspect of chatbots and virtual assistance is a fairly recent development in the domain of digital marketing, and if utilised with full potential, it can make businesses gain exponential returns. Companies, both small-scale and fully-grown MNCs, are now on the run to improve the virtual experience of the clients to drive more traffic to the sites.

Inclusion of AI In Website Development

The utilisation of artificial intelligence, in general, and chatbots, in particular, have changed the landscape of digital marketing. From generating valuable insights regarding the services to customer relationship management, AI has helped businesses generate significant revenue and improve the UI/UX. As per a survey conducted by Salesforce, 51% of marketers have already started using this concept, and the few left out are coping with the changing landscape by utilising premium web development services to enhance their business profiles. To automate tasks and make website development a tad bit simpler, businesses are using advanced technologies. From coding to search engine optimisation, businesses are making use of artificial intelligence. It enables website owners and developers to gain significant insights into user preferences and patterns, providing an authentic database for the business to work and grow.

The Binding Element: Creativity & Innovation

The element that adds a humane touch to this technology-dominated business domain is human creativity. The world of digital marketing is not completely detached from human mediation. Understanding the importance of innovation and creativity that humans can bring about is extremely necessary.

The intelligence of robots and machines falls short of understanding the frivolous human mind; this is when the element of creativity enters. Have you ever observed that people's attention span has significantly reduced, and people want something new and fresh every time? Only creativity and innovation can satiate this. Every business needs to utilise the power of human creativity to ensure that people get fresh content every time.

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