Coronavirus Impact on Economy: How Digital Marketing Can Retrieve Your Business Amidst COVID-19 Threat


The Coronavirus Outbreak has affected over 65 countries across the world and it seems that this year has ensured that the year of Rat didn't start precariously. Over 15,297 people dead so far, more than 349,179 people are affected globally. Countries in lockdown, Aviation ban, travel restrictions, firm closure mounting. Global trade, tourism, investment, and supply chain, everything has affected badly and no sign of retrieving soon.

Coronavirus Pulled Down Global GDP At Least 250 BPS

Today, World’s economy is so deeply intertwined with China's, Epicenter of this pandemic contribution — a 22% share of the global GDP with business accounting for 45% of the domestic GDP — then it was decades ago in 2003 during the SARS Outbreak in the world.

A report by our team in SDAD Technology “Coronavirus Outbreak and Its Result on the Global Economy” shows E-commerce and all digital businesses are free from the threat of COVID-19 since the online market is doing well. Replicating the scenario of SARS 2003, the global economy may take a hit amidst Coronavirus Outbreak. The Global economy grew by 3.2% in 2019 with China's GDP slipped by 5.4% to 5.9% forecasting the threat of COVID-19.

The report also contains some facts stating the worst scenario or severe pandemic scenario, where the pandemic intensifies and escalates worldwide before being cured or brought under control by June-July, Global GDP could pull down to 3%.

Due to lockdown and transport restrictions in many countries, the GDP is more likely to be affected, but Digital marketing has made a way so far from the COVID-19 threat. We would add Japan, The world’s third largest GDP contributor, to the list and has managed to get better control over this pandemic. Though the e-commerce sector in Japan and China are doing well with slight damage while the automobile industry is facing more heat & burn due to the outbreak.

India, the fifth-largest economy in the world and a major consumer of electronics goods from China, stands to be affected by the inflation of the Chinese electronic components and products caused by blockage and supply shortage. Cutting down the imports from China is also likely to affect the food inventory shortage in Q2 2020.

In this scenario only Digital Marketing shows the hope of retrieving your sunken and Coronavirus affected business. Since the online market is not dumped under the threat of COVID-19, digital businesses are roaming free out of this phase.

Also, our statistics show that tourism, hospitality, appearances, clothing and aviation will be badly affected while grocery, Parma & Healthcare will grow fruitfully during the Coronavirus outbreak.

We have been serving our customers with comprehensive digital marketing solutions for over 5 years and could see digital marketing’s scope as the only saviour in this global emergency. See, how SDAD can help save your business amidst the threat of COVID-19.

How does digital marketing perform as a savior of the Global Economy?

A drowning man catches at a straw — and this is what is supposed to replicate in today’s scenario. Digital marketing is just a way to keep a business alive even after it decays from the ground. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, manpower is under threat therefore digitalization is the need of the hour. Digital Marketing is supposed to control the sail of the constantly degrading economy of the world.

SDAD Technology: Continues to the Vision of Customer Satisfaction Amidst the Outbreak

At this point of time when the global GDP is falling down rapidly, digital marketing is the only hope to get you out of the threat of a financial crisis in your business. It takes nothing to promote your business online and Coronavirus outbreak has no effect over this yet. With a team of skillful and passionate digital marketing executives, we keep flies on your business, work relentlessly to grow your business and blow the trumpets beyond the threat of the Novel Coronavirus. SDAD Technology is committed to the vision and values taken to ensure the customer satisfaction and services.

How do we assist your business setting up amidst the Coronavirus outbreak?

  • A great team contributing remote work to ensure constant growth of the business and economy.
  • Analyzing Plannings before Execution
  • Cost-effective services
  • 24*7 Customer support
  • Wide range of services

Whether you own a pharmaceutical company, own a grocery store or else we promote your business to ensure your business reaches across the customers looking for availing your services. The world is breathing under the consequences of the Coronavirus outbreak, but SDAD is committed to the mission of bringing values to customer services. Get us in touch to know more and quotes.