Copywriting: 6 Techniques To Create Phenomenal Copies

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Copywriting 101: Ace The Art Of Creating Mind-Boggling Copy

In the era of mobiles and technology, apps are not a far-out topic. Speaking of, when you use an app, it sends you certain notifications, for instance - Zomato's, "A hard day's work….. Calls for a fulfilling meal with us". These notifications attract you to take specific actions – this is Copywriting! It is one of the most critical aspects of advertising and marketing in today's world! Copywriting is the process of writing persuasive and compelling words, known as a copy, to direct your audience into taking desired actions.

Whether you are a digital marketer, online advertising firm, or print media – Copywriting is the core technique to keep your audience engaged. By the bye, copywriting needs special skills, and, therefore, requires a copywriter.

Copy Writers: What Do They Do?

In a nutshell, a copywriter is a person who writes compelling copies that drives the target audience into taking the desired action. Even though there are different types of Copywriting, the core of copywriters remains the same. That is, creating copies after analysing the target audience, studying their needs and problems, and then presenting them with a solution through a flair of words.

Copywriters take out the 'we' and add a 'you' in the copies to attract the audience and drive them to take desired actions. The best copywriting examples are Zomato, Swiggy, Fenty, Nike, Adidas, etc.

Techniques And Triggers To Sell Through Your Copy

Now, writing a compelling copy equals triggering the right set of emotions in the audience. Here, we have discussed six mind-boggling and easy techniques to create a copy that won't go unnoticed.

Set the right tone and know your audience

The first and most basic technique for flawless Copywriting is to understand your audience. Analyse their interests and what attracts them the most, understand their needs and then become their solutions. Not only this, for on-point Copywriting, one should find all the data about the targetted audience, for instance, their age group, sex, interests, and hobbies. This data will help you develop copies that trigger the audience in a language that attracts them the most. Also, set a tone for your copies so that you or your clients are easily distinguished. Define a persona for the brand and use the correct language and tone — there, you have an amazing copy.

Create titles that hook your audience

You must have heard, 'write a catchy title' – this is indeed the case for Copywriting. Copywriters should understand that a grabbing title is a boat needed to sail across the sales pitch! A compelling title is what drives your audience to read the rest of your copy and further take the desired action. On the other hand, if your title is not eye-catching, there is a big chance that your copy is a failure!

Besides your audience, your title is also the most relevant element for search engines. So, limit your title' character count to 55 and keep it straightforward. Be crisp, use numbers and punctuations, or suggest questions, and then move on to call-to-actions.

Exploit The Weakness of Your Competition

Whether it is copywriting, content creation, or any other form of marketing, competitor research is a must! It is requisite that copywriters should not overlook it and instead use it to their advantage. Observe the competitors, see what they are doing and if it is working for them, make them your own! Set what distinguishes your product from your competitors, find their weak spot, and hit it!

Once you know your competitor's weaknesses, make sure your audience understands them as well. This technique plays to your advantage as not only does it highlight your USPs but also educates your audience on why they should not use your competitor's products!

Connect With Your Readers

Connecting with your audience is another crucial technique that you should adopt while writing a copy. Copywriting is an art, when done right, and can generate high brand value. Therefore, it is essential to connect with the audience through your copies. Understand their behaviour, hobbies, and likings. Use this data in your copies to trigger them into taking the desired action.

Being a copywriter, you must know that your audience is the potential client, and developing a trustful relationship is the key to skyrocketing your sales– which is eventually the goal of copywriting.

Use Action Verbs

Next, remember to use action verbs (take, leap, bring, etc) in your copies. Evoking a sense of urgency in the reader is vital for Copywriting, but how does one achieve it - through action verbs. Use imperative words (order, schedule, etc), especially in your titles, call-to-action, and subheading.

The title should be based on the latest social media trends to attract more audiences and get more likes! Next, the subheading should evaluate the metrics and, finally, CTA to draw your audience into taking action.

Work On Your Persuasiveness

Copywriting should be PERSUASIVE. Reciprocate with your audience, hop on the latest social media trends, use language that is mostly used by the audience, set the right tone, and compel through your copy. Show your audience that you have the authority, tell them you care through your solutions and finally, trigger why your brand is better and what problem it solves.

Be clear, crisp, and compelling!


Q1 - What is Copywriting?
Ans - It is the process of writing compelling and persuasive words (copy) to drive your audience towards the desired action and build a trustful relationship with them.

Q2 - Who needs Copywriting?
Ans - Short answer is - everyone. Whether you are a small business owner or a multinational firm, it is essential for all.

Q3 - How to start with copywriting?
Ans - To start with Copywriting, you first need to understand the basics, your goal, and the action you want to achieve through a copy. Then follow the steps mentioned above!

Q4 - Do I need the experience to be a copywriter?
Ans - If you are interested in copywriting, the only things you need are techniques and a stronghold of your holds, and experience is not essential.

Q5 - What exactly does a copywriter do?
Ans - A copywriter is a person assigned to write compelling and persuasive copies to steer the target audience towards the desired action.